Nearest Neighbor


88 Pages

Printed + Assembled in Brooklyn, NY

1st Edition

Edition of 300

Hand-Sewn softcover w/ stamped dust jacket

Nearest Neighbor, in mathematics, is an algorithm meant to determine the relationship between multiple sets of points – used as a way of solving the Traveling Salesman Problem – Given a list of cities and the distances between each pair of cities, what is the shortest possible route that visits each city and returns to the origin city? In this series, Nearest Neighbor finds us exploring the habitats and domiciles of our neighbors near and far, as a way to familiarize, and show the relevant but subtle differences in our cultures and populations.

Much of this is manifested in the relationship of someone from a foreign and neighboring country, like Canada to the USA. Dwarfed by the culture and size of the US, Canada has a unique viewpoint on their people and their policies, quite often towards the negative. The series is an education in the reality behind cultural myths (and sometimes truths) in an effort to garner a more accurate version of the people and places we don’t actually know until we see them up close.

As an ongoing project, Nearest Neighbor features commonly used public spaces, institutions, infrastructures, and the individuals that exist within them. It is a log of our surroundings; our schools and churches, our parks and businesses, and our homes.